My New Book ‘Peace For A Lifetime’ is Finally Here!!!!

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I can hardly believe it. My new book Peace For A Lifetime is out today. This launch symbolizes a very important season of my journey.


Several years ago, I began to dream of how I could give the people of my home church a gift. You see, I founded the Counseling Ministry at my church almost ten years ago and coordinate all of the Family Ministry classes. I wanted to give people who were not able to go to counseling years of information I’ve discovered that will help them in their lives and relationships.


This information helped me transform my life both personally and professionally. In fact, as I explain in the book, these concepts guided me through some of the most challenging times of my life. Now I want to get that message out as far as I possibly can.


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I’ve been writing and teaching clients about living with Emotional Abundance for years now. So much of what I’ve learned, tested, and proven is in this book. It’s an important part of my life’s message.


The proven principles I lay out in Peace For A Lifetime have already been endorsed by Sheila Walsh, Patsy Clairmont, Dr. Tim Clinton, Constance Rhodes, Joanne Kraft and many more. And I am ready to share it with you.


In Peace For A Lifetime you’ll discover:


  • What prevents so many people from experiencing the abundance and peace they desire in their lives and relationships.


  • How to apply the fundamental skills of Emotional Abundance into every area of our lives so we can cultivate greater personal well-being and discover a life of enduring peace.


  • Personal stories, case studies, and applications for healing the broken places and unconscious wounds we have carried with us from our past.


  • A better way to think about the emotional arena of our lives.


  • Simple, practical Life Steps that can guide you on your journey toward cultivating peace in every area of your life.


Peace For A Lifetime presents a step-by-step guide to start healing, build an indestructible foundation for your life, and develop the tools that will take you there.


For people that buy in the next two weeks, I'm including some added bonuses to help you take action and see results immediately:


  • My Emotional Abundance Quiz to determine your level of Emotional Abundance
  • Peace For A Lifetime Emotions Chart that you can use to develop a strategic and effective emotional vocabulary
  • Two beautiful scripture printables (I couldn’t resist!)
  • My Promises For Peace pdf that has Scripture to help with whatever struggles you are facing


Together these bonuses are worth $57. And they’re FREE if you buy before March 12. You’ll also be entered to win one of five FREE bottles of my newest fragrance, PEACE. IMG_2186


I said at the start that this launch symbolizes an important season of my journey. But it does more than that.  It also opens a new season of my journey and this one involves you.


I’m confident that Peace For A Lifetime is exactly the tool you’re looking for to stop the chaos and brokenness, and get the life you want. Will you join me on this journey?


Click Here to Get Your Copy Today


Question: In what ways have you recently struggled to find

peace in your life? I'd love to hear your comments!

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