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The Countdown begins-

just a few days until the release of "Peace For A Lifetime"!!!!!

So here we are.  Two days until the March 7 release!  Yet somewhere inside of us there is the question, do I really need this book?  With so many books out there, is this a book I should actually reach out and purchase?  Can I really experience peace for a lifetime?

I decided NOT to give you my opinion - it might be a little biased:-)  

So I sent my book out to a group of bloggers to get their feedback.  Man, has it been overwhelming and exciting!!!  I wanted to share with you just  a few of the comments that have been coming back to me.  Some are personal and I have protected their identities. Others have written reviews for you to check out and see for yourself.  

I can't even begin to describe how much I needed to read this book!! It was absolutely life changing, hands down! I know that I can't always control the circumstances in my life, but it is my choice to decide how I respond to those problems, especially when they involve other people. I will definitely be referring back to this book often!



Hi ladies! I am working on reading through Lisa's book and I am finding myself in tears. God has been working on peeling the layers of my heart and He told me last year that He was going to begin pulling roots. I surrendered to this process. I want to say thank you to Lisa Springer Murray because I believe this book is one more step to pulling out the roots so God can move me more into the abundant life He has called me to.



I am gaining so much from reading Lisa's words. Highlighter, post-its, Bible and Journal in hand; and I love the way it is all leading back to Christ. Awesomeness!:)



Your book is already impacting my life in incredible ways as I have been in an anxiety/peace struggle recently...daily!  Thank you!



My view to this point is that Lisa, you have nailed a healthy view of emotional health in a way often missing within the world and even the body of Christ. Thanks, Lisa!

Anonymous, Retired LMFT, retired director of church counseling center


As I read through your book, it's therapy. The Lord began the healing journey in me a few years ago, but He's using your words to fertilize that healing. The impact for me personally has been great. Thank you for penning each word on those pages. 



Lisa, your book intimidates me. It knows more about me than I want it to. The words have challenged me and brought into the light spaces that were so dark that I didn’t know they were spaces at all... It’s a painful first step! And then a difficult one, as the lights flick on and suddenly there is before you something new filled with something very old. A storage space in the back of the closet harboring junk you only so briefly new existed. That’s how your book is for me. I’m thankful for it. I’ve finished it, but I’ll be back to it again and again... “Peace for a Lifetime” is bringing about a long-sought-after change in my heart. A spark in a process that I know the Lord will continue throughout my journey. Thank you, sweet Lisa, for writing on this topic we’re not taught about. Thank you for writing to those with little and big “t” traumas so that they all can be handled and felt healthily. Thank you for obeying the Lord in your writing and being an example of faith- He’s used you as vessel for my healing, at very least! It’s a blessing and an honor.



I just finished the book...amazing! I honestly just want to start all over again and work on slowly applying each chapter. Loved it! Wanted to share these sweet moments Lisa Springer Murray - my son Ben (16)was chatting with a friend who had recently gone through a break up. All of the sudden I see him run downstairs and grab your book. I listened as he asked his friend the questions from page 98 about processing emotions. After he hung up he said that it had helped his friend a lot just being able to talk it out. It was only a couple weeks ago that Ben was asking me what it meant to process emotions and now he's passing on the knowledge. I love how applicable this book is! In addition my 14 year old daughter and I had gotten into a disagreement about shoes (girls!). Afterwards she came to me and said: "I'm sorry for how I acted. When that happened with the shoes I was frustrated and I just wanted to share that with you. I love you." I thought I was going to pass out! Taking the time to intentionally teach these principles to my kids is paying off. You are making a BIG difference in the life of my family. I really can't thank you enough.



Earlier today my hubby and I were discussing setting an intentional time to review the book and its exercises with the kids. ‪Lisa - you've written a life-changer. Praise God!



I have a confession to make. As I got a few chapters into the book, I found myself dealing with emotional baggage from the past that I had not expected to find... Like Lisa Springer Murray talks about in the very first chapter, I was angry. Mad. Resentful. And I didn't even know it. I say all of that to say this - there is real work and healing coming from this book and these words. And I am so thankful for that. It is a wonderful book. Sometimes that work is not easy. But it's always worth it!



This was such a blessing to read. Lisa is an anointed author. God worked deeply in my heart as I read through this. This is a must read!!



Have you ever read something that someone else has written and it speaks exactly what you feel in your heart, almost as if you had written it yourself? I've been glued to the pages of my friend Lisa Springer Murray's new book, Peace for a Lifetime.  WOW! I love how God will allow you to revisit moments to be reminded of His goodness. I'm still working on leaning in but the journey is oh so sweet! You know the very last word she wrote, "belovedness" really made me smile... Y'all will love the heart behind this book and the message Lisa brings. 





Suzanne Eller – Proverbs 31 speaker and writer - ‪ ‪


Angela Howard -


Angela Parlin -

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