When We’re Feeling Too Small To Make Any Difference In This World

When We're Feeling Too Small To Make A Difference In This World

We crossed at low tide. With only one road that washes out with the waves, there was a small window of time to make our way across, to leave behind the mainland and enter this remote, speck of an island…Holy Island.

It was holy. There was something powerful and sacred about this place —like reaching back and touching history over 1500 years ago. And what a history this place has.


Situated right off the eastern coast of Great Britain, Holy Island sits right on the border between England and Scotland. It’s called Holy Island because in 635 AD Saint Aidan came here from the isle of Iona in Scotland and established Lindisfarne Priory. Known as the Cradle of Christianity, this place was the evangelical center of its time, bringing Christianity to all of England.

It’s hard to believe when you are standing here. Hard to imagine how something so small could have such a profound impact, not just on Great Britain, but on our own country’s religious history as well. The men of that day could not have imagined the lengths their legacy of faith would reach.

Sometimes I get trapped in thinking that my life, my ministry, my calling is of no value because of its size. In this day and age perhaps, it is easy to become discouraged, believing we can’t make a difference in this chaotic time we’re living, that we cannot impact the world for Christ in any meaningful way without a national ministry, a prestigious position, or a sizeable social media following.

That’s what the powers that be tell us, at least. Yet if a tiny island in the middle of nowhere can be used by God to change the course of history, then perhaps God can use each of us right where we are, with what gifts we have, to leave a powerful legacy.

God uses the smallest things to accomplish the greatest purposes.

God used just three small stones to defeat a giant (I Sam 17, NIV). He used five loaves and two fish to feed a multitude (John 6:1-14, NIV). He used a simple carpenter to save the world. He can use you, too. He wants to. He longs to. He loves you and created you for a purpose.


Where has God called you to serve today? Who has God called you to love today?

Maybe your legacy today is in loving and serving in your home, raising up little ones to be warriors for Christ. Maybe your legacy is in loving and serving those in your neighborhood, your community, your local church.  Maybe it's standing up to hate, to violence, to bigotry whenever it arises, in whatever size, shape, or form it takes.

Whatever it is, wherever He calls, your legacy is right in front of you. It may not be grand or lucrative. It may not guarantee you an enormous following. It may not ever be noticed by anyone around you. But it will be noticed by God.  It will make a difference.

Imagine what kind of impact your life may leave for generations to come. Imagine what could change if we didn’t get paralyzed and discouraged by the lies of the enemy telling us we are not enough, that God could never use us, that nothing we do could ever make a difference. Imagine each of us loving what is right in front of us, each serving whomever crosses our path. Imagine.

…walls torn down.

…hearts transformed.

…communities working together.

…a nation healed.

I Corinthians 1:27 (NIV) tells us that, God chose the foolish things of the world to shame the wise; God chose the weak things of the world to shame the strong.

It will start with us. You and me. One act of love at a time.

God uses the smallest things to accomplish the greatest purposes.


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