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Finding a New Way To Live When Life Brings You Down - Guest Post by Jolene Underwood

There are a few people in this world who “get” you —whose heart instinctively beats like yours for healing —emotional and spiritual. Jolene Underwood is one of those people. She understands the healing journey. She has walked it herself and she has devoted herself to helping other people find the healing for which they long.

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When You’re In The Deep And You’re Too Blind To See Anything But The Storm

Yes, the waters in the deep can be rough.  They are a vast expanse of all that is unsettled and unknown.  They stir every worry and every fear, bringing doubt and hopelessness to crest wildly at the surface.  God didn’t bring us into the deep to drown us, He brought us here to transform us.

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Peace For A Lifetime

There is so much that is trembling in the world. So many heartaches. So many broken places. You don't have to live without hope. God desires healing for you. He wants you to experience peace that's not just for today, that's not just for tomorrow. He wants you to experience peace...for a lifetime!

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Why Falling Down Is Never the End of the Story

I fell. I fell hard.

A few days ago my husband and I were out doing errands. We had just finished a long-overdue lunch with our dearest friends. We dropped by the mall to pick up a few items. With my flat white latte in hand, we were finally done. We found our way to the parking lot, ready to head home. As I approached the car to get in, my ankle twisted in my cute new wedge sandals, and I came tumbling down. Down.

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