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Lisa’s Guide To Emotional Spring-Cleaning (8 tips to de-clutter your heart)

We all need moments, seasons, where we can open our soul-windows, pull back the curtains, and clear out what has grown cluttered, dim, and down-right dirty.  Here is my guide to emotional spring-cleaning that will lighten your load, fill your tank, and maximize your wellbeing.

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How To Make Anxiety Work For You Instead of Against You

We’ve all had moments where we were afraid. Fear is a natural emotion, a normal response to a real threat. We may feel afraid if someone unknown enters our home. We may feel afraid if we are in a situation where our life or wellbeing is endangered. I was afraid one night when I was driving down the interstate and a deer ran out in front of my car. I was terrified the day I stood in front of my television and watched two enormous towers fall.

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