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The Bravest Step You Can Take

Clark Kent. Indiana Jones. William Wallace. These were some of my favorite movie heroes growing up. They were the bravest of men. They faced enormous, sometimes super-human challenges. They overcame. They conquered.

I admired them for their courage. I envied their indomitable will.

I used to believe these men had no fear. How I longed to have no fear.

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How To Make Anxiety Work For You Instead of Against You

We’ve all had moments where we were afraid. Fear is a natural emotion, a normal response to a real threat. We may feel afraid if someone unknown enters our home. We may feel afraid if we are in a situation where our life or wellbeing is endangered. I was afraid one night when I was driving down the interstate and a deer ran out in front of my car. I was terrified the day I stood in front of my television and watched two enormous towers fall.

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