Meet Katie

Throughout my life’s journey I have experienced a variety of counselors. With Lisa I feel as if I have found the crown jewel of therapists! Her experience, accompanied with her deep wisdom and empathy, were invaluable to me as I worked through life issues that at one time I felt were hopeless and without solution. Her insight and advice have always been spot on, and I am living a healthy, happy life with a feeling of wholeness, that I previously would have said was not attainable. I am forever grateful to God for using Lisa’s ministry to bring such healing to my life!


Meet maryanne

 I learned so much from Lisa through my journey. I learned what is important to me, how to love myself, and someone else....and now I know what it feels like to truly be loved.  God is good all of the time!


Meet Stephen

Lisa’s ministry was able to lead me to the source of my addiction. Once I dealt with that source of shame, I began to heal both emotionally and spiritually. I understood that I had to completely change my identity, from an addict to forgiven child of God. I had to replace my shame with compassion. Trade my chains for freedom.


Lisa has been an incredible source of strength and support for me personally as I dealt with extreme anxiety and throughout my marital struggles. My husband and I started working with Lisa through our pre-marital counseling, and she helped lay a strong foundation for our marriage before it began. She was the first person I reached out to when I started dealing with anxiety, and was my rock during a time of fear and confusion that led to incredible self-discovery. She has also continued to support my husband and I during our marital struggles and has helped us create a relationship that we never knew could be so overwhelmingly loving and fulfilling. We are so thankful that God put Lisa in our path to provide the mental, emotional and spiritual support to make each of us – and our relationship – what it is today.