What I recognize more each day is that brokenness is inescapable—even in the church.  We’re all just trying to get by—trying to find a safe place in this brutal world where we can stop hiding our broken pieces and get real.  Our souls are hungry for a little healing in our wounds, desperate for some peace.  That’s right.  Isn’t that what we’re searching for in the deepest shadows inside— peace?

As a simple, passionate follower of Jesus, I am humbled to walk with people every day on their quest for peace.  Yes, I’ve been there too—on a quest toward peace.  And there is nothing more sacred than recognizing one’s wounds and reaching out for a healing and wholeness that was designed by God as our destiny.  

I am told I dive into the deeper places along our emotional journeys in a way that is disarming, humorous at times, relatable, and inspiring.  My desire is that people sense they are welcomed to draw nearer as God’s Beloved and walk away with more courage to be vulnerable, more bravery to take the next step towards healing, and more hope that God’s peace and abundance is not only real, but is for them!  


The Missing Peace

1-4 sessions: based upon my book, Peace For A Lifetime

-The search for peace is a universal quest for each of us as individuals.  Even within the church body where we are well-equipped spiritually, we are too-often left starving for any mention of emotional healing or life skills that will equip us to live out God’s design for abundance in our lives or relationships.

This study provides individuals and churches a simple guide for how to equip the church body to thrive emotionally, thus strengthening the body as a whole and enabling individuals, couples, and families to truly be a light in the midst of a dark world.

An Abundant Soul

1-5 sessions: healthy habits for a thriving life


Abundance-Activating Questions

1-4 sessions on emotional formation for teens that is

(relaxed, conversational, occasionally humorous, and consistently piercing)

-Did you know, research studies show that your child’s IQ (intellectual intelligence) will only account for 20% of their success in life?  Did you also know that 80% of our children’s success in adulthood will be determined by one thing – their EQ (emotional intelligence)?  Yet in families, churches, and schools, the area of emotional health or intelligence is almost universally ignored, leaving our children helpless to navigate a complex world where chaos, dysfunction, and evil prevail.

This study provides thought-provoking questions that will engage adolescents in learning how to build a vision of health and abundance for their own lives.  This also provides practical tools they can begin to employ  that will improve their EQ and strengthen their ability to create and live a successful life!


Got Fear?

1-2 sessions on facing fear and finding the path toward peace

There Is Nothing Like the Real Thing

1-2 sessions on confronting the counterfeit parts inside so our authentic selves can flourish

Video Clips

Peace For A Lifetime: Finding Freedom From Our Emotional Wounds


Peace For A Lifetime: Developing a New Relationship With Our Emotions


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