peace for a lifetime


We all long for peace—but for many of us, peace seems like nothing more than a dream. We move through our lives with broken hearts, broken relationships, even a broken faith. Combining my years of clinical experience with a deep commitment to my faith, “Peace For A Lifetime” will take you step by step through your journey of cultivating a life of healing, abundance and peace —peace that’s not just for today, not just for tomorrow, but peace…for a lifetime!



Get a grip. Sounds easy but I need a plan in place that helpsme nd my emotional balance. And that's what Lisa offers us.  Insights and introspection take us from battle-fatigue to blessed.  Our emotions are important to our well-being...thank you Lisa for a wellness plan that leads to Christ-centered peace.
Patsy Clairmont,Women of Faith speaker, author of You Are More Than You Know

This is a book from the heart! Lisa shares not only knowledge, although she is qualified and gifted to do so, she shares herself.  If you long for peace that will last a lifetime, this book will be a welcome companion on your journey.
Sheila Walsh, author of 5 Minutes with Jesus

Don't stay stuck in fear, anxiety, sadness or despair. You are not powerless against your emotions. Learn how to use the Biblical truths in Peace for a Lifetime to  find emotional abundance and new life!
Dr. Tim Clinton, President- American Association of Christian Counselors

If you are searching for a fresh breath of life again, this book is an important read. It is not just "about" the path, but is a practical guide including exercises that lead you through the difficult places to authenticity and emotional abundance. This book will help you become more centered, peaceful, relational, and brave. It is in the process that we become. As Lisa says, "Life doesn't change - we change."
Bill Lokey, MA, LSPE Chief Clinical Officer at Onsite Workshops (as featured on Dr. Phil) 


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